Monday, October 15, 2012

Judging a Bake-Off

This weekend, I got to be a judge at a local bake-off.  The Great Tully Bake-Off is part of the Tully Fall Festival and helps to raise money for a local food pantry.  It was very cool to be asked.  Oh, and if you click on the website, I might just be classified as a local celebrity.  A bit of an overstatement, sure, but still!  I felt very fancy-pants indeed. 

I had my very own spot, complete with judging cards and a thank you gift:

I got to sample cookies made by kids:

And pies and cakes by adults:

It was lots of fun, but not easy!  How do you compare pumpkin cheesecake to coconut cream?  And even with only a bite or two of each, I ended up in a serious sugar coma.  It was a good cause, though, and I had good company in my fellow judges, YNN news reporter Brad Vivacqua and Chris Weiler, owner of Encore Video.

Big props to Linda Milea (cake decorating goddess in her own right) for organizing such a great event!  Hopefully, the sale of all the entries after judging will allow the food pantry to expand both its space and the number of people it serves.  A great cause and a feel-good way to...

Keep it sweet.

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