Monday, January 10, 2011

The Intimidated Baker: Cannolis

In theory, there is no dessert I'm afraid to make.  I feel that I have enough skill and openness to adventure that I'll try anything once.  In reality, there are plenty of sweets--things I love enough to order in restaurants or hunt down in bakeries--that I've never attempted.  Case in point: the cannoli.

I love a good cannoli.  The shell is light and crispy, the filling rich and smooth.  Really, what's not to love about any dessert made with cheese?  With just a sprinkling of chocolate chips or a drizzle of chocolate on the shell, I believe all of my prerequisites for a fabulous dessert are met.

I made the mistake of grocery shopping while hungry the other day and found myself seduced by this:

Actually, it was a package of two, but I ate one before I decided to write a post about them.  Although I sometimes find Wegmans to be hit-or-miss when it comes to baked goods, the cannolis are quite good.  This is especially true if you get them the day they're filled.

So, why haven't I ever tried to make cannolis?  Technically, I would need to buy those little metal forms for frying the shells, but I rarely let having to buy kitchen gadgets stop me.  No, cannolis intimidate me.  The thing is, I don't know why.  They don't seem all that complicated.  None of the ingredients are especially exotic or expensive.  It's just a thing.

Well, no more.  I vow to make a cannoli.  So there.  Anyone out there have any experience?  Good recipes?  Wanna come over for the Great Cannoli Experiment?  Conquer the fear and...

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  1. Actually I learned to make them from my Grandmother. We often made them for family dinners. It is still my favorite dessert. Making the filling is a breeze. Making the shell is a little tricky but not too bad. Sometimes you can buy just the shell. If you want to make them let's do it together. PB :-)