Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chipwich for Mitch

I have a confession.  Sometimes, I get tired of cake.  There, I said it.  It's not like I ever stop loving it, it's just that, when it's around all the time, it stops feeling special.

The upside of this is that I tend to get a little adventurous when it comes to celebrating the birthdays of my nearest and dearest.  Most recent case in point?  The giant chipwich.

Now, I love sandwiches. Love them. If you factor in all of the possible variations, I could eat a sandwich for every meal of every day.  I also love dessert sandwiches.  Dessert sandwiches?  Oh yeah.  Perhaps you've forgotten the double doozy incident of last summer.

To make:  Bake a half batch or so of your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough in two 8-inch cake pans that you've lined with parchment paper.  (I'll tell you a secret... my super awesome signature chocolate chip cookies recipe is a very subtle variation of the Toll House cookie.)

Allow cookies to cool in pan.  Loosen edges with a butter knife, invert onto the counter, and remove parchment.  Line one of the pans with plastic wrap.  Place one cookie in the pan. Spread with 3-4 cups of softened ice cream (I like chocolate).  Top with remaining cookie and freeze for at least two hours.

Before serving, remove from pan and place on a serving plate.  Press chocolate chips into ice cream around the edge.  Cut with a large knife that has been dipped in hot water.

This definitely takes the giant office cookie to the next level.  You can even write on it.  Or douse it with homemade butterscotch sauce.  If you had some lying around.  Either way, when it comes to selecting your next birthday cake, remember to keep it interesting and...

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