Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Baker

Whether Black Friday or Cyber Monday, word on the street is that we should be gearing up to spend lots and lots of money on lots and lots of stuff.  Although queuing up at department stores opening at midnight is not my idea of a good time, finding cool gifts for the special people in my life is always fun.  Shopping for myself isn't too shabby, either.

In that spirit, I present to you...

The Literate Baker's Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Baker in Your Life

10.  Silicone baking mat.  Since I first became aware of these things, I've wanted one.  The fact that I've managed just fine without one has not dissuaded me in the least.


9.  Top-view measuring cups.  Both Oxo and Pampered Chef make them; there are probably others.  I love mine and use them for all things liquid, whether baking or bar tending.

8.  Absurd vintage kitchen stuff.  I could spend days on Etsy.  I am at times delighted, at times dumbfounded by what people make and sell, but I'm always entertained.

7.  Absurd baking-themed other stuff.  See also #8.

My favoritist charm necklace.

6.  Kick-ass rolling pin.  Rolling pins don't need explanation.  They just are.

5. Fancy-pants ingredients.  We all know how I feel about my fleur de sel.  Artisanal chocolate?  Awesome.  And if someone gave me a big boxful of almond paste?  They'd be on my sweet list the whole year.

4. Awesome apron.  Being of a femme persuasion, I'm partial to frilly, but there are endless options.  I love the one I got for Christmas last year from Flirty Aprons; they make all kinds.


3.  Atypical cookie cutters.  Seriously, you can find just about every shape, size, and iteration these days.  I mean, who would have ever thought that Williams-Sonoma would hook up with Star Wars?

I have these.
And clearly need these.

2.  Silicone scoopy-scrapey-stirry things.  Whether you call it a spatula or a spoonula, it's ridiculously useful for many a kitchen task.  And since they're silicone, they don't get all wonky if you happen to leave them in a hot pot.

1.  Mixer to die for.  I know.  It's such a cliche.  Yet, there is no tool or toy in my kitchen that is more loved or more used than my stand mixer.  It isn't even the uber-fanciest of the stand mixers and I heart it.  It will change the way you make baked goods.  Really.  I mean, I'm looking to upgrade to the 20-quart Hobart, but that's just me.

Prettier than the apron.

Hope this helps you find the perfect something for the baker in your life.  Remember, gifts are about making a person feel special, so whether you spend $2 or $2000, keep it personal and always...

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