Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Pie Less Traveled

And I, I baked the pie less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.

I hope this post finds everyone recovering nicely from the indulgences of Thanksgiving.  I'm sure many of you have been waiting with baited breath (yes, the Literate Baker loves hyperbole) to find out which of the pies from the Not Your Mama's Pecan Pie post I decided to make.  I'm happy to report that my friend Annie's recipe was the one of choice and the results were delectable.

First, to give proper credit, the story of the recipe is as follows:

The recipe is from when I worked on "In Food Today," my first food television show hosted by David Rosengarten and Donna Hanover. The guest chef I want to say was from Cowgirl Cafe or something like that. This was her recipe. She was blonde and pretty, but this pie is really what I remember from her segment. It was just too damn delicious!

Annie is a production goddess who worked on a number of Food Network shows before heading west and starting the super awesome Actual Industries with her husband Brad.  I have vague memories of "In Food Today" from the early days of my Food Network addiction, er, appreciation.

Second, I'll show you how it came together:

The mix.

The bake.

The slice.

The pie was super rich and sweet, but not cloyingly so.  The chocolate chips sank to the bottom as the pecans floated to the top to create an almost layered effect.  So.  Good.  Oh, and I went with an all-butter scratch pie crust.  Again, so good.

That said, I remain intrigued by the Tyler Florence recipe, in which chocolate is melted into the "custard" of the pie.  I think I might have to make it as well, and I promise to let you know whose cuisine reigns supreme.  (I wonder if that phrase if copyrighted?  Or is it trademarked?  I can never remember which is which.  Well, if I get a cease and desist letter, I'll tell you about that as well.)  Until then...

Keep it sweet.

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