Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tangential Baker

So, what do the Literate Baker and Ryan Gosling have in common?  Um, I'm thinking not much.  But still.  I'm way overdue for a blog post.  And I haven't baked anything super interesting lately.  And, well, see if you can follow this...

One of my Facebook friends posted the Hey girl.  I like the library, too blog, filled with adorably dorky memes about Ryan Gosling loving the library (and librarians).  It made me giggle.  I told someone else about it and was then pointed to the Feminist Ryan Gosling blog.  Good stuff.  Today, instead of paying bills or writing thank you notes on my lunch hour, I decided to surf for Ryan Gosling baking memes.  Lo and behold!  I found Ryan Gosling Bakes.  It's a fledgling little blog, but I think there is lots of potential.  Like this one I just whipped up:

I promise I'll write about actual baking again soon.  Promise.  Until then...

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