Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pepperidge Farm Fest

When you need a cookie on the quick, it's hard to beat Pepperidge Farm.  So many flavors, just the right amount of indulgent.  So when I saw the "I Ate Ever Variety of Pepperidge Farm Cookie" headline on Slate, I couldn't resist.  It's a great article, as much about the history of the cookies as it is about which flavors are the most awesome. You should read it.

Literate Baker WARNING: Reading this story will likely make you crave cookies.  If it's mid afternoon and you're feeling sluggish, this craving will consume you.

I'm with the writer--Chessmen are the best.  Not homemade shortbread, but buttery enough to feel legit.  With an iced coffee or (ahem) a diet coke, they're the perfect little pick-me-up.  And what do you know, the convenience store on campus stocks them!

They're even cute.

120 calories well spent.

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