Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fridge of My Dreams

I am, in my heart of hearts, an academic.  I love literature, learning things just because, and not fighting my way up the corporate ladder.  This fact has always caused much chagrin for my Uncle Charlie, who currently works as the Director of Demand Flow for Electrolux Major Appliances.  Although I always assured him that I didn't hate capitalism, I don't think he believed me.  Since starting my cake business, he's taken to teasing me about there being hope for me yet.

At a recent family wedding, we got to talking about our work.  I think of the wedding cakes I create as my babies; I love sending them out into the world and seeing them succeed.  He shared a similar sentimentality over a commercial refrigerator he worked to design and brand.  The way he spoke about seeing one in the real world for the first time made my humanities heart go pitter-patter.

What, you may ask, is the point of this story?  Well, as a show of capitalistic good faith, my uncle decided to bestow upon me one of his babies.  On a recent Friday morning, the most beautiful thing was delivered to my house.  It's big and shiny and cool.  It's the type of thing that makes a baker giddy.  (Like Hobart mixers.)

The Frigidaire Commercial Cooler has the functionality of any good commercial appliance--all the NSF bells and whistles, strong and interchangeable shelving, casters that make moving and cleaning a breeze.  There's more to it, though.  It's... pretty.  The clean lines and shiny Frigidaire badge make it feel downright designer.  It's an appliance I'd be proud to have in the front end of my shop or my kitchen at home.  Frigidaire definitely got this one right.  If you're in the market, or just want to daydream, check out the goods at Frigidaire Commercial

I can now keep two wedding cakes cool simultaneously.  Hot.  Yes, Uncle Charlie, there is hope for me.  I love my new fridge.  I like selling my wares.  I even consider making money a perfectly legitimate way to...

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