Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something Fishy

It is my sincere intention never to allow this blog to become a mere offshoot of the baking I do for my business.  That said, I just made the coolest cake.  Ever.  Well, probably not ever, but close.

I received an email several weeks ago from a guy looking to surprise his wife for her birthday.  The cake he wanted?  A sushi boat.  With sweet sushi in it.  Sweet.  Had I not just seen a sushi boat cake on one of my many tivoed cake shows, I might have been intimidated.  Since I had, I was giddy, I mean, well-prepared.  (See, watching cake tv pays off.)

The boat was red velvet cake, covered in fondant and painted to resemble woodgrain.  For the sushi, I wanted something more palatable than fondant, so I used rice krispy treats for the rice (I know, brilliant).  I dipped that in white chocolate and added white sprinkles.  For the salmon, I made a pinky-orange modeling chocolate.  I did use fondant for the fishy bits inside and the nori.  I also made a giant mess of my work table and myself.

I made a few extra so the husband and I could sample them.  The verdict?  Very tasty, but a little unsettling.  Even though we knew they were sweet, I think our brains were programmed to expect, well, sushi.

I now wish I'd taken pictures of the work in progress.  Next time I suppose.  Here is the finished product.

A success, I'd say.  I love making cakes that don't look like cakes.  Raw fish: the literate baker's newest way to...

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  1. That is adorable! and tasty too, I bet!