Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy National S'more Day!

Did you know it's National S'more Day?  If you didn't, it's okay, because you do now.  Now what?  Now we celebrate.  How does one celebrate National S'more Day?

Follow The Literate Baker's 3 Easy Steps to Celebrate National S'more Day:

1.  Read up on S'mores and S'more Day celebrations, such as:

2.  Read the Literate Baker's takes one s'morey goodness:
Double chocolate goodness.
It's a s'more AND a pie!

3.  Make and eat at least one s'more.  I try to eat at least one s'more per week.  No lie.

4.  Share your favorite s'more version or memory (with me, in the comments section, so I can revel in more s'more love).

5.  Live happily ever after.  Or, at the very least...

Keep it sweet.

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