Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feeling Fall

I am officially ready for fall.  Truth be told, I'm sort of always ready for fall.  Today, however, I'm feeling it keenly.

The students have returned to campus, so there is no more clinging to the quiet of campus in the summer.  I've grilled and grilled and grilled some more.  I'm ready to wear tights.  I'm ready to break out the crockpot.  As I wait for power and phone service to be resumed for my mom (and I watch with sadness the destruction left behind my Isaac), I'm ready for hurricane season to end. 

I suppose I'm feeling reflective, wistful even.  When that happens, I look to the kitchen--to sugar and flour and the scent of things in the oven--to find my center.  Fall baking is best for that.  It's hard to feel morose over an apple crisp or a pumpkin bread.  At least it is for me. 

Everything is warm and comforting.  Even the clothes are better.  I love puttering around the kitchen in sweatpants and slippers, a football game on in the other room.  Kicking leaves.  Picking apples.

I'm ready.  Are you?

Keep it sweet.

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1 comment:

  1. I just can’t do summer grilling. Standing in front of that heat in 98 degrees and 100 percent humidity is sadistic. I love to grill during Louisiana’s winter. I’m ready for fall, too. I rarely light my oven in the summer because it makes the house to hot, but fall and winter are oven season.