Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cake Scrap Sandwich

One of the first things I learned about stacking cakes is that they have to be level.  At first, this was the source of much angst.  I'm not the most precise; I also have an astigmatism.  All that changed when my husband and mother-in-law gave me the daddy of all cake levelers, the Agbay.  It's beautiful.  Really.

Now my cakes are level and split evenly every time.  In addition to superior stacking, good leveling has another perk: cake scraps.  Delicious on their own. Divine when rolled into cake shots.  Downright irresistible when sandwiched together with leftover frosting.

Although you can make a cake scrap sandwich with any bits and pieces you have on hand, I'm especially fond of those from square cakes.  Perhaps it's because they look like bread.

Now, I haven't done this, but the fact that there is cream cheese frosting nestled between my slices of red velvet has got me thinking... What if I were to slather it with butter and grill it?  It would be like grilled cheese meets Nutella panini.  Okay, I have to go now.

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