Monday, August 30, 2010

Everything's Better on a Stick

I grew up in Louisiana, where there are more fairs and festivals than days of the year.  My hometown boasts the Jambalaya Festival.  Although a lot of fun, it never seemed to amuse my Yankee friends as much as the Morgan City Shrimp and Petroleum Festival.  I think it's the logo: a shrimp wearing a hard hat on an oil rig.  (I'm happy to see that, despite the recent goings on in the gulf, it's still on this year).

Louisiana festivals are synonymous with food on a stick.  Fried pickles on a stick.  Frozen bananas on a stick.  Alligator on a stick. We like to put food on a stick almost as much as we like to fry it.

I now live Syracuse, home of the Great New York State Fair.  "The Fair" is ten days of food and animals and rides and games and all of the things that make living in New York so cool.  There is, in fact, an entire building devoted to all things dairy!  I try to go at least two or three times just so I have more opportunities to eat.  You have to pace yourself, you know.

My first installment of Literate Baker goes to the fair is a tribute to food on a stick.  Although I think there is a booth at the fair that serves alligator, this is a baking blog and I want to stay on topic.  My treat of choice?  Why, that would be frozen cheesecake on a stick!  I get it dipped in chocolate for good measure.

Cold.  Creamy.  Better, dare I say, than ice cream.  A seriously good start to eating my way through the fair and the perfect on-a-stick way to...

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