Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Spy... A Sweet Blog

About a year ago, I discovered CakeSpy, a ridiculously fun blog filled with recipes, bakery reviews, and tales of sweet adventure.  The creator is also an artist; she has a line of adorable cupcake art for sale on the site and in her Seattle gallery.  (I have a serious envie for Cuppie with Diet Coke.) 

CakeSpy was one of my primary inspirations in starting The Literate Baker.  Head "spy" Jessie Oleson is witty and in possession of a killer sweet tooth.  She balances the uber gourmet, such as a travelogue containing stops at patisseries in each and every arrondissement of Paris, with the kind of guilty pleasures most of us keep to ourselves, one of my favorites being the recent installment on Kitchen Sink Cinnamon Rolls.  The only thing about her blog that I don't like is that I'm over a thousand miles away from most of the bakeries she reviews!

Even if you're not in the pacific northwest, you should definitely check out the eye candy and cool giveaways that have made CakeSpy one of the top ten cake blogs.  A word of warning, you'll likely leave hungry.  Keeping sweetness in everyday life?  Yes, ma'am Ms. CakeSpy, you definitely know how to...

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