Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jimmy Chews

I had the pleasure recently of combining two of my favorite things: shoes and cake.  A client asked me to create a birthday cake for her fashionista sister's 40th birthday.  I'd been dying to make a sugar shoe, so I took that theme and ran with it.  

After constructing the shoe from gum paste, I spent a good deal of time contemplating a clever take on hot shoe designer names.  The best I came up with was "Jimmy Chew," which seemed more like a dog toy than a sweet pump.  Resigned and short on time, I gave up my quest.  I am, however, hoping to make many more a sugar slingback and will therefore spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about it.  (Feel free to post ideas as comments!)

Oh, and for the record, this cake was part marble with chocolate ganache and part red velvet with cream cheese.  The fabulousness of red velvet will have to be a post of its own.  Until then...

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