Monday, August 30, 2010

The Bleary-Eyed Baker

I've mentioned that I have a day job.  I've also mentioned that this time of year brings a twelve-day marathon of advising and orienting and whatnot.  Because of this, I generally have a no-cake policy for the end of August and beginning of September.  I've yet to keep this policy.

Compared to the two hundred fifty cupcakes I made for a friend's wedding last year, this year's exception is negligible.  Someone I know asked me to make a small sheet cake for a retirement party.  Easy-peasy. 

It really is a small order.  Of course, I should have baked on Sunday.  I did not.  Here's how it went...

5:07 Leave day job.  Lament to colleagues that a cake must be made.
5:43 Arrive home.  Change clothes.  Make chocolate batter.

6:00 Make raspberry filling.  (I make really good raspberry filling; I'll post the recipe separately.) 
6:22 Make frosting.  (I make really good frosting; I will not post the recipe.)
6:38 Walk dog.  Put out raspberry seed feast for squirrels and chipmunks. 

7:15 Put cake in the fridge to cool. 
7:27 Eat crab melt bagel in front of Food Network in a stupor.
8: 45 Fill and crumb coat cake.
9:16 Decide "Bleary-Eyed Baker" would be a funny blog post.  Turn on computer and begin writing said post.
9:57 Decide it's time to actually finish cake.
11:02 Finish cake.

11:09 Shower.  Do token yoga stretchy-type things.
11:22 Give up and get into bed.
11:26 Remember that ballet class starts tomorrow.  Swear.  Get up.  Find ballet slippers in the depths of closet.
11:33 Get back into bed.

6:20 Wake up and complete getting ready nonsense.
7:39 Squeeze leftover frosting from pastry bag directly into mouth.
7:53 Deliver cake.
8:21 Arrive at work.
8:22 Decide it's a venti iced coffee kind of day.
9:32 Post account of glamorous goings-on of a part-time baker and hope others are amused.  Wonder how many clever lead-ins there are for...

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  1. holy cow you are efficient! look at the timings...hmm...i think if i made a timeline for my baking endeavors it might help me stay focused...probably not... this is great! LOVE reading your posts, funny lady...just started yesterday...

  2. Wow, you are a dynanmo! I don't think I could pull off a full day of work and then the baking and decoration of an entire cake the same evening--not a cake like yours at least. I read your raspberry filling post as well and it does look like a really good recipe to refer to; I plan to keep it around for future use! Love your blog!